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The Colin MacDonald CANCER Foundation 
chose the thistle as their logo, as not only is it the Scottish National emblem, it is also a symbol of pride, tenacity and toughness in the face of great hardship and long odds.
The thistle also represents enduring love and courage.

All these are character traits that made Colin MacDonald the man he was and what he is remembered for today. 

The Colin MacDonald Cancer Foundation raises funds to help with the research and the reality of cancer. 

100 % of all proceeds will go directly to cancer research and assisting families struggling with cancer.  

We have designated prostate cancer to be our focus. All proceeds will go towards funding a prostate cancer research grant with the American Institute For Cancer Research, and to a family who is dealing with the hardships of prostate cancer.

CMCF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization for both federal and state tax purposes.  

Utah non-profit Charitable Organization TIN: 27-0772813

Women who Care chose CMCF to be the July recipient of their donations.

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